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Does draft night make you crazy? Draft Kit Guy Going Crazy from Draft Night Problems

Use the Draft Kit to run your leagues' draft and enjoy your draft night.


Fantasy Football Draft Kit Draft Board

The Draft Kit includes a draft board and player labels  to help run and organize your draft.

Now In Our 16th Year!
         Use The Draft Kit to:
  Know which players have been picked, and which are still available.
  Eliminate illegal and double picks.
  Easily read the draft board.
  Speed up the draft by 25-30%.
  Let everyone have fun on draft night.

The Draft Kit includes a large 1 piece draft board and a complete set of  pre-printed player labels which are color coded by position and have alphabetical listings for all of the top players.  When a player is selected, simply peel off his label and stick it on the draft board.

Once a player is picked, the label is gone and the player can't be picked again.  Take a quick look at the remaining labels to see which players are still available.  The labels are color coded by position which makes it easy to see what positions each coach has, and which he still needs.

Place the draft board and labels in a central place and let each coach come up and make their pick. This lets everyone have fun at the draft and not make one person have to keep track of all of the picks and have no time to concentrate on their own team.

The labels are pre-printed with the players' names, so there will be no problem reading the draft board during or after the draft no matter how many beers or how bad the commissioners' writing is.



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