Fantasy League Award Certificates
Baseball New This Year.

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The Draft Kit through our sister site Fantasy Award,now offers a complete library
of online award certificates, and diplomas that you can fill out online
and then print for your leagues' winners, losers and other special people.
All certificates are standard 8.5 X 11 inches and are opened in Adobe Acrobat,
so they are easy to modify, fill out, work with and print out.

You can order the Football Library, the Baseball Library, or both.
You get access to over 75 different certificates and awards
that you can use as often as you like for the full season.

We are constantly adding new certificates to the library.
Listed below are a sample of current award certificates now available.

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Football Awards

Positive Awards

Fun Awards

Negative Awards

Best Draft Pick
Best Free Agent Pick Up
Best Line Up Move
Best Trade
Head To Head Champion
Highest Weekly Points
Beer Drinking Award #1(Beer Mug)
Beer Drinking Award #2(FFL Crest)
Fantasy Football League Champion
Coach Of The Year
Largest Margin Of Victory
Most Roster Moves #1
Most Roster Moves #2(FFL)
Phoenix Award - Best Turn Around #1
Phoenix Award -
Best Turn Around #2(FFL)
Super Bowl Champion
Super Bowl Runner Up
Team Of The Year
League Wizard
Point Total Champion
Longest Winning Streak
Best Player Handcuff
Regular Season Champion 
Pro Bowl Champion
Division Champion 
Best QB, RB, WR, TE, K, 
Team Def, and Defensive Player
Best Overall Draft


Cry Baby Award
Trash Talk Award #1(Trash Can)
Trash Talk #2(FFL)
Emergency Room - Most Injuries #1
Emergency Room - Most Injuries #2
(Wheel Chair)
Emergency Room - Most Injuries #3
(Guy on Crutches)
Frequent Shopper -Most Roster Moves
Recycle Award
Having same player year after year
Cheerleader #1
Cheerleader #2
Cheerleader #3
Bridesmaid Award -Highest losing points
League Participant
Lucky Charms Award
Can't Catch a Break Award
Hunchback Award
League Know It All Award
Lowest Point Total
Lowest Weekly Points
Toilet Bowl Award
Worst Draft Pick
Worst Line Up Move
Biggest Bust
Bone Head Award
Close Shave #1-Razor
Smallest margin of victory
Close Shave #2 FFL Crest
Smallest margin of victory
Doormat Award
Worst Loss
Worst Record
Worst Record Head To Head
Head In The Sand Award #1
Head In The Sand Award #2
Juggler Award #1 (FFL) Roster Juggler
Juggler Award #2 (Juggler) Roster Juggler
Worst Trade
Quicksand Award - Worst Turn Around #1
Quicksand Award - Worst Turn Around #2
Longest Losing Streak - **NEW**


Doctorate of Fantasy Football
Doctorate of Football Sciences
Doctorate of Draftology
Doctorate of Trash Talk
Doctorate of Capology (Auction Leagues)
Newspaper Front Page Awards
For The Years 2000 thru Present

Baseball Awards

Winner's Certificates

Losers Certificates

Newspaper Front Page Awards
For The Following Years

Dugout University Diplomas

League Champion Worst Record Head-To-Head
Best Record Head-To-Head Lowest Points Total Coming Soon Doctorate of Fantasy Baseball
Points Total Champion Lowest Weekly Points  
Best Draft Pick Worst Draft Pick   Doctorate of Draftology
Best Trade Worst Trade  
Best Free Agent Pick-up Bone Head Coaching Decision   Doctorate of Trash Talk
Highest Weekly Points Cry Baby Award  
Best Line-Up Move Worst Line-Up Move   Doctorate of Capology
Trash Talk Award Doormat Award    
Most Roster Moves Quicksand Award
Worst turnaround from previous season
Coach of the Year      
Team of the Year      
Largest Margin of Victory      
Phoenix Award
Best turnaround from previous season