Reusable Draft Board Stand
This heavy duty cardboard stand is designed to hold your draft board when there is no wall available. The stand is constructed of heavy corrugated cardboard and has a unique design that makes it sturdy from top to bottom, and IT WON'T FALL OVER!.

You can add the stand to your shopping cart after you add your Draft Kit. The stand will be listed under Recommended Accessories.

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We have designed the stand with 16 inch extra wide legs to keep the stand from falling over when you put a player label on, or just if the fan is too strong as with our competitor's board which only has 6 inch legs as shown below. We have also added a built in top support to keep the top rigid and sturdy, unlike our competitor which has no top support.

The stand measures 48 X 70 inches which will hold any of our regular size draft boards (the jumbo board that comes in 2 panels will require 2 stands.) The stand is designed to easily sit on a standard 6 foot table. The stand has a matt white finish so it looks neat and clean and since it is not glossy, you can write on it with no problem if you desire. Best of all, since the draft board is not printed on the stand, it is reusable time after time. You can use it for multiple leagues,  save it from year to year, and use it for business or school presentations.

Our stand has a 16" deep leg support compared to only 6" for the other guys board.

 Our stand is larger than our competitor's so it can hold a larger draft board for bigger leagues or to have extra space for team and league names.

10 Team Board On Stand Click To Enlarge

12 Team Board On Stand Click To Enlarge

14 or 16 Team Board On Stand Click To Enlarge

Jumbo Size Board On 2 Stands resting on top of 2 standard 6 foot tables