What is a Draft Kit

    2017 Draft Kits Went On Sale June 1st 2017

    What is a Draft Kit?

    A Draft Kit is a draft board printed on heavy 60LB paper,
    and a set of pre-printed player labels, that are color coded by position,
    and include the players' team and bye week.

    Every Draft Kit comes with both the draft board and player labels along with our
    Draft Board Personalizing Kit, and access to our library of league draft forms.

    We make 3 different size Draft Kits for Fantasy Football.
    The difference between these kits is the size of the labels.
    The size of the draft boards is determined by the label size multiplied by
    the number of teams and rounds that will be used.
    The size and type of area where you will be holding your draft should determine
    the size of the Draft Kit that you need.