Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why does the Draft Kit cost less and offer more that other products.

    A. We can do this because we sell more kits than our competitors and we can buy in bigger volume and get better prices on our materials. We have also streamlined our production to eliminate waste and increase productivity. Our business is a mom and pop operation run out of our home to keep down overhead. My wife loves September when she gets half her house back.

    Due to this we have been able to improve our products every year buy adding more players and labels without raising prices past 11 years. In 2009, with skyrocketing material and shipping costs we were forced to raise our prices buy $1 on average, but locked our previous customers into our old pricing with a discount code they received in the mail. The only other price increase over the years for the Draft Kit has been in the shipping, and that is out of our control.

    Q. Are the Draft Kits reusable?

    A. Not really. The labels are self adhesive, peel and stick. Once they are taken off of their sheets it would not be practical to try to replace them and use them again. Replacing 475+ player names would take hours and there is no guarantee that they would stick the next time around. We have tried to come up with a system to make the kits reusable, but every idea like magnetic or Velcro name tags makes the final cost go from $18-$20 for the regular size to well over $ 100 for the regular size. This is because there are over 475 name tags to make. We don't feel there is a market for $100+ draft kits that would still need to be updated yearly.

    Q. Will the Draft Board stand by itself?

    A. No. The draft boards will not stand by themselves. The draft boards are printed on a heavy 60 lb. paper. If you do not have a wall to hang the draft board on, we offer a reusable, free standing cardboard Draft Board Stand.

    Q. What is 60 Lb. Paper?

    A. 60 Lb. paper is a printers term for the thickness of the paper. The draft boards are printed on 60 LB offset printing paper. To give you an idea of how heavy this is, normal copier is 20 Lb.  Our 60LB paper is 3 times as thick as copier paper.  The draft boards will not stand by themselves. We offer a reusable draft board stand if you don't have a wall to hang the draft board on.

    Q. Can the player labels be moved around on the draft board?

    A. Yes. If there is a trade, or for any reason, the labels can be moved if you are careful. The labels do not have permanent adhesive. We do not recommend moving them over and over, but for a trade or mistake they can be moved.

    Q.  How many players do you offer, and is that enough for my league?

    A.  There are 475+ player labels plus 10 blanks for each position in the Regular and Personal size kits. The Jumbo Kit comes with 5 blanks per position. We design the draft kit to easily accommodate the average to large league. The average league has less than 12 teams that draft less than 20 players. The total amount of players that this type of league uses is 240. If your league is even larger and you have 14 teams and draft 25 players, you would use 350 players. Our 475 + players is still enough. We also offer defensive player labels for leagues that use them.

    Q. What do I do if my league uses individual defensive players?

    A. We offer individual defensive players for leagues that need them. This set includes the top: 90 Defensive Linemen, 90 Linebackers, and 90 Defensive Backs. The set also includes 30 blank labels for the regular and 10 blank labels for the jumbo size.   The individual defensive player set cost $6 for the regular and $14 for the jumbo.

    Q. What do I do if my league uses a Head coach or offensive line?

    A.  For leagues that use a Head coach or an offensive line we offer a extra set of team names in a separate color from the set included with the kit.   If you were going to draft Jeff Fisher, you would select the Tennessee label.   The extra team names are $2 for the regular or $4 for the jumbo.

    Q. What do I do if my league runs an auction style draft?

    A.  For leagues that have an auction style draft we offer a regular size draft kit with auction style labels. These labels have a special area to place the player's cost and also the coach's remaining bid money. We also offer a set of positions that can be downloaded from this web site and then put on the draft board. With these positions, your board will read QB or RB instead of Round 1, or Round 2.

    Q. What size should I get?

    A. The regular size kit is perfect for just about any size room including: living rooms, basements, garages, sports bars, restaurants, etc. We do not recommend the Jumbo for any of these rooms because most of these do not have 12 feet of open wall space to hang  the draft board . The Jumbo is good if you are using a large conference room, ball room, American Legion type hall, or if you are sure you have space for the draft board in a smaller room. We want you to be happy and have a fun, smooth running draft, don't get the Jumbo if you do not have enough space.  The personal size draft kit is perfect for one person to track the draft if they are doing it online, or if they just want to have a record to take home with them after the draft. The personal will fit on a table top or desk and is easy to use.

    Q. What happens if my league has more than the 14 or 16  teams or more rounds than you offer?

    A. We offer extra draft grid to make the draft boards bigger. Each piece of grid holds up to an extra 4 teams and costs only $2 for the regular, $4 for the jumbo, and $1 for the personal. If you need more rounds, call us and we will try to help you in any way we can.

    Q. Can the draft board be custom printed for my league?

    A.  We do not do any custom work. We design our draft boards so they will hold almost any size league. If your league uses less rounds or teams than the board will hold, you can cut it down so that there is no extra room on the draft board.