Draft Board Personalizing Kit

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    Draft Board Personalizing Kit - Print Personalizing Labels Now

    Our draft board personalizing kit is included FREE with every Regular and Jumbo size Draft Kit.

    Because so many leagues add or loose coaches before the season starts, and because many teams will change their name, we have found that giving you the option to print your information when you are ready, is the most effective way to personalize your draft board.

    The draft board personalizing kit includes a custom set of self adhesive labels to print your league's name and all of your team names on. Along with the labels, you get access to templates on our web site where you can easily input your league's information and then print out the labels on your printer.

    Each personalizing kit comes with:

    • Labels for 16 team names (Jumbo 15 teams)
    • 1 large label for your league name

    Player Label Updates

    To make sure that your labels are up to date,
    just before your draft, click on the link above to
    check for any player label updates.
    We will post updates to the player's bye week and team to
    reflect player movement and late off-season signings.