Tell me About Player Labels

    • Every Draft Kit comes with a complete set of pre- printed player labels.
    • Labels are color coded by position and in each position the players are listed alphabetically.
    • The labels include the player's name, position, bye week and team. We don't include goofy things like pictures or logos which only take up space and make the text smaller!
    • The player labels come on standard size 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheets,
      and are self adhesive / peel and stick.
    • The different size Draft Kits are determined by the different size labels that are included.
    • All our labels are PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED, not done on someone's home inkjet or laser printer.

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    Regular Size Labels - 1 X 4 Inches, 20 per sheet, 10 Blanks per position
    Jumbo Size Labels  -  2 X 8 Inches, 5 per sheet, 5 Blanks per position
    Personal Size Labels - .5 X 1.75 Inches, 80 per sheet, 10+ Blanks per position

    The most important dimension of a label is the length as the names are longer than they are high and the more length, the larger the font that can be used.
    A 1 1/2 by 3 inch label which might be bigger in terms of total square inches than a 1 X 4 inch label, but would have to use a smaller font because it is only 3 inches wide.

    The actual size you see above will depend on the size of your monitor, and your resolution.
    Please use these graphics only for a rough idea of the size.

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    To print out an exact size label sample sheet

    The football set includes 472 player labels, including rookies, in the following 6 positions used by most leagues:

    Quarterbacks - 70 players Tight Ends - 70 players
    Running Backs - 110 players Place Kicker - 50 players
    Wide Receivers - 140 players Team Names for Defenses - Special Teams.

    Because our labels are professionally printed, they are all printed at one time after the NFL Draft.
    To make sure the labels are up-to-date for your draft we offer a label update page.

    Check the label update page right before your draft to make sure that
    all Bye Weeks and Teams are up-to-date with last minute signings.

    We offer Individual defensive players (IDPs) for leagues that need them. This set includes the top: 90 - Defensive Linemen , 90 - Linebackers , 90 - Defensive Backs, plus blanks ( 30 for the regular and 10 for the jumbo). Included in this list are the top Sackers, Tacklers, Interception leaders and rookies, spread throughout the three positions.

    For leagues that use a Head coach or an offensive line or any other team position, we offer a extra set of NFL team names in separate colors from the set included with the kit. If you were going to pick Bill Belichick, you would select the New England label. 

    The labels are not meant to be reusable. While you can peel the labels off of the board and move them around if you are careful, it would not be practical to remove them all , put them back in order on the wax sheets, and then hope they will all stick again the next time.

    Auction Format

    We also offer auction format for leagues that bid on players. The auction format has a space for the players cost and the coach's remaining bid money. When the next player is picked and placed below the first label, you can then subtract from the top label's remaining bid money to give a new total and so on. This works as a subtraction grid.

    Auction format is available only in our regular size football draft kit, and is the only format available for Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey Draft Kits