Previous Customer Discounts

    You can also get the following discounts:
    • An extra 20% off all koozies above all other discounts!
    • $2 off any hat
    • $5 off the Fantasy Award Maker Award Certificate Library!
    • $5 off a 10 pack of Box Game / Super Bowl Squares charts!
    • $3 off the Super Bowl Propositions Game!
    These discounts are not available for phone orders, sorry. Why?

    You don't need any code if you are registered on our web site.
    Just log in and you will receive any and all the discounts!

    Where do I get my code and how do I use it?
    • The "Previous Customer Discount Code" comes on our yellow flier that is mailed in early June of each year. This is the only place the code is distributed, not on our emails.
    • To get the discount pricing, enter the code in the "Previous Customer Discount Code" field on the shopping cart page of our web site.
    • Discount codes or Previous Customer status can not be given out over the phone.

    Mail Order Bonus
    All orders place through the mail using our order form and paid with a check or money order will receive 1 Free Box game / Super Bowl Squares chart for each Regular or Jumbo kit ordered.

    Previous Customer Early Bird Discounts
    Football early bird discounts are in effect from June 1st through June 30th of each year.
    Enter the Early Bird Coupon Code from your yellow flier (Not the email) into the "Coupon Code box on the cart page of our web site and you will get a extra $2 off your order!