Jumbo Size Football Draft Kit

    Product Information:

    2017 Football Draft Kits went on sale June 1, 2017
    This Draft Kit is true to it's name. The Jumbo Draft Kit has the biggest draft board with and biggest 2 x 8 inch pre-printed player labels available. The draft board is 4FT. X 12 FT. and comes in two 4 X 6 foot panels and holds 14 teams and 20 rounds.

    The labels include the player's name, position, bye week and team. We don't include goofy things like pictures or logos which only take up space and make the text smaller!

    This new board is easily adjustable for what ever size your league needs.
    Simply overlap panel A over panel B to leave the number of teams you require,
    and use the included personalizing kit to post your team names on the board!

    Included for free is our Draft Board Personalizing Kit which has labels for your League Name, Team Names, and the NFL Bye Weeks which are easy to print out using our online templates.

    To add a draft board stand, defensive players, extra team names, or extra grid for more teams, click on one of the links below or on the next page

    **8-24 The original printing of Jumbo Draft Kits is sold out!
    **8-30 2:30 PM The last Jumbo Draft Kit has been sold.
    We have run out of labels to do any more reprints. Sorry.

    Inventory Status: Out of Stock - do not order this
    product at this time