Regular Size Defensive Players

    Product Information:

    Individual defensive players on 1 x 4 inch labels for use with the regular size Draft Kit. This set is broken down by Defensive Linemen, Line Backers, and Defensive Backs. There are 90 players and 10 blank labels in each category.

    If you are ordering an auction format Draft Kit , auction format defensive players will be the default format if you select it or not. If you are ordering a standard and a auction Draft Kit PLEASE make sure to indicate which format defensive players you need.

    Please select if you are ordering these IDPs with a Draft Kit or alone / without a Draft Kit.This must be done to calculate the correct shipping.

    If you are ordering this without a Draft Kit and you don't select that option, your order will not process.

    Defensive Players with a Draft Kit - $7 + $1 shipping
    Defensive Players without a Draft Kit - $11 + $5 shipping

    If you select with a kit and you are not ordering a kit, we will not process your order.

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