Super Bowl Props Answer Key

    Super Bowl Propositions Game
    Answer Key
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    1. Which team will win the coin toss?    B) Atlanta
    2. Will it be: B) Tails
    3. Who will receive the opening kickoff?  A) New England

    4. Will the opening Kickoff be a touch back?    A) Yes
    5. If returned, will the opening kickoff  be brought out past the 20 yard line? No Answer - Touchback
    6. Will there be a penalty on the opening kickoff?   B) No
    7. The 1st commercial after kickoff will be for what product?                   F) Other - Google
    8. Will Matt Ryan's first attempt be complete?    A) Yes 

    9. Will either team score in the first five 1/2 minutes of the game?          B) No
    10.  First team to score:     B) Atlanta
    11. What will happen first?        A) New England Punt
    12. The player who scores first (TD, FG, Safety), will have an odd  Jersey number B) No
                 (if reception, combine QB and WR or RB)                 
    13. Will the Falcons ever have the lead?         A) Yes

    14. First Punt?      A) New England
    15. First  defense to get a QB Sack?         A) New England

    16. Which team will have the first enforced penalty? B) Atlanta
    17. Which QB will throw the first interception?      A) Brady
    18. Which will be the first team to call time out?         A) New England 
    19. Which will be the first team to use a Coaches Challenge? B) Atlanta
    20. Will there be a call overturned by Instant Replay or Coach's Challenge in the 1st half? B) No
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    21. Will Brady throw a TD pass in the 2nd quarter?   B) No
    22. Will Dan Quinn challenge a play in the first half? B) No
    23. Will Tevin Coleman have a first half reception? B) No
    24. Will Matt Ryan throw a first half interception?   B) No
    25. Will someone score in the final 2 minutes of the first half?      A) Yes
    26. Team to score last in the first half:     A) New England 
    27. Will the first half's last score be a FG or TD?    A) FG

    28. During Halftime, which will be first?  A) Commercial featuring a baby? FX Legion
    29. Over/under on number of Lady Gaga's wardrobe changes 1.5?   A) Over
    30. Which will be the first team to lose a helmet?        A) New England   Holding on play but helmet came off.
    31. Will either team  lose a fumble in the 3rd quarter?   B) No
    32. Will Brady throw an interception in the game?      A) Yes
    33. Will Matt Ryan's longest TD pass be longer than 33 yards   B) No
    34. Will Matt Ryan rush for over 25 yards?  B) No    
    35. Will Brady score a rushing TD?   B) No    

    36. Who will have the most rushing yards ? B) Devonta Freeman
    37. Who will have the most receiving yards ?       A) James White 
    WRs / TEs:
    38.  Who will have the most receiving yards: TIE BOTH HAD 87
    39. Who will have the most receiving yards ?      A) Chris Hogan
    40.  Who will make the longest field goal?   A) New England
    41.  Longest Field Goal being 43 1/2 yards?    B) Under
    42.  Will BOTH teams make field goals of 30 yards or longer? B) No

    43.  Will EITHER team miss a Extra Point?  A) Yes
    44.  Most QB sacks by the defense TIE BOTH WITH 5 Sacks
    45.  Will a defensive or special teams player score a TD?   A) Yes
    46.  Longest touchdown being 48 1/2 yards    B) Under
    47.  How many different Patriots will score a rushing or receiving TD     A) 3 or less  
    48.  How many different Falcons will score a rushing or receiving TD      A) 3 or less  

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    49. Will any of the following Patriots players score a touchdown: 
    A. LeGarrette Blount  No
    B. Dion Lewis  No
    C. James White   Yes
    D. Julian Edelman   No
    E. Chris Hogan   No
    F. Danny Amendola    Yes
    G. Martellus Bennett  No

    50. Will any of the following Falcons players score a touchdown:    
    A. Devonta Freeman    Yes
    B. Tevin Coleman        Yes
    C. Julio Jones     No
    D. Mohamed Sanu  No
    E. Austin Hooper        Yes
    F. Taylor Gabriel  No

    51. Will either team score three unanswered times (P.A.T. is not a score)?     A) Yes    
    52. Will there be a successful  2 point conversion?        A) Yes

    53. Will there be a Safety?  B) No
    54. Will either team score in the final three minutes of the game?   A) Yes
    55. Last Team to Score:           A) New England
    56. Will either team ever hold a lead of 10 points or more?        A) Yes
    57. Will the Patriots score in all 4 quarters?    B) No
    58. Total points scored by Patriots - 30.5    A) Over 
    59. Total Points scored by 
    Falcons - 30.5      B) Under
    60. Who will have more:      TIE BOTH WITH 62
    61. Who will win the game       A) New England 
    62. Which half will have the most points scored?    B) 2ND Half 

    Tie Breaker:                          Total points scored combined       62