Small Football

    Product Information:

    This resin football comes in comes in 2 finishes: Full Color, and Shiny Gold,
    and sits on top of your choice of a standard base which stands 9" tall, or a tower base with FFL Champion Disc which stands 12" tall.
    The full color football is textured just like a real one and the shiny gold has a smooth / mirror finish.
    The trophy comes with a customized plate on the front with your League Name and any other information you want.

    Both of these trophies can have a side plate for a "Hall Of Champions" listing all of your leagues previous winners. The extra side plate costs $10. We will hold your information on file so you can reorder an updated plate each year for the same $10. To add a Hall Of Champions side plate to this trophy click on the link below.

    Full Color Football - $30
    Shiny Gold Football - $38
    Tower Base - add $7

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