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    Draft Kit Wholesale Order Page

    If you host Fantasy Drafts at a sports bar or for a large event and need a large number of Draft Kits,
    then you are in the right place!

    We offer bulk pricing for our Regular Size 12 and 16 team draft kits.
    Both of these kits will come complete with the draft board and the set of 1 x 4 inch player labels. The main difference will be they way they are packed, shipped, and delivered to you.
    We find that the large majority (Well over 90%) of fantasy leagues have 12 teams or less
    which make the 12 team version perfect for most venues.
    • The 12 team kits come with the draft board and the player labels pre-packaged together
      in a heavy duty envelope and ready to hand out to your customers.
    • The 16 team kits due to the size of the draft board will come as separate pieces,
      a bulk package of player label sets in envelopes, and a bulk package of draft boards
      which you will have to put together and hand out as a set.
    Wholesale Pricing
    12-24 Kits - $3.00 discount per kit
    25-50 Kits - $3.50 discount per kit
    51-100 Kits - $4.00 discount per kit
    101-200 Kits - $4.50 discount per kit
    201-300 Kits - $5.00 discount per kit
    301 - 400 Kits - $5.50 discount per kit
    401-500 Kits - $6.00 discount per kit
    If you need more than 500 kits **Please Call**

    We also offer wholesale pricing on the Personal size Draft Kits,
    and on Commish Draft Koozies and Draft Koozie Sets
    To get the wholesale pricing for these items, just enter the number you need and add them to your cart.
    The price will be automatically adjusted in your shopping cart.

    Shipping on bulk orders normally runs between $1.25 and $1.50 per kit depending on your distance from NC. All bulk orders will carry insurance and will require a signature.

    Please call for Express and International shipping on bulk orders

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