11' Fantasy Football Guy

11" Fantasy Football Guy

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  • Trophy Size: 10.5" - 14" Tall
  • Trophy Plate: Includes trophy plate with your custom information
  • Hall Of Champions Plate: This trophy can have a Hall of Champions plate.
13" Fantasy Football Guy
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This Fantasy Football Champion resin trophy stands 10.5 inches tall by itself or 14 inches tall with the optional black plastic base.
The front plate will have your custom information - League name, year, coach's name, team name, etc.
The pictures above shows this trophy with the optional black plastic base and both options next to a regulation size football for size comparison.
This trophy can have a side plate for a "Hall Of Champions" listing all of your leagues previous winners if you add the black plastic base. The extra HOC side plate costs $10. We will hold your information on file so you can reorder an updated plate each year.

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