Antique Gold Resin Football Trophy
Antique Gold Resin Football Trophy

Antique Gold Resin Football Trophy

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Your Price: $75.00
  • Trophy Size: 13-18" Tall
  • Trophy Plate: Includes trophy plate with your custom information
  • Hall Of Champions Plate: This trophy can have a Hall of Champions plate.
Antique Gold Resin Football Trophy
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This resin antique gold regulation size football comes either stand alone or on a large wood base.
The stand alone version is 13" tall and when mounted on the large wood base it stands 18" tall.

The front plate will have your custom information - League name, year, coach's name, team name, etc
Both of these options can have a side plate for a "Hall Of Champions" listing all of your leagues previous winners. The extra side plate cost $10. We will hold your information on file so you can reorder an updated plate each year for the same $10. The HOC plate on the stand alone version is small, so you can't get as many years on that version.

Some simple assembly required to protect the trophy during shipping. Tools needed - 7/16" socket and a 6" socket extension.

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