Fantasy football is more than a five-minute hobby. As a weekly ritual and social gathering, your league deserves the best. The Draft Kit provides a high-quality board allowing you to revel in the glory of every point.

Why should I use a fantasy draft kit?

As an administrator or player, you want to cherish your victories. Competition just does not seem the same when simple cardboard cutouts are used.

A draft kit is the best option to get your league off to a good start. Pre-made labels for every player offer valuable information when used in conjunction with an online platform.

Visualization is one of the most important ways of conveying critical information. Easy to read labels, statistics, and organizational products make figuring out exactly what is going on a breeze. We offer boards in small, regular, and jumbo sizes.

A Draft Kit for Competitive Leagues

Fantasy football is a $18.6 billion market. Since exploding onto the market in the 2000s, people flocked to paid leagues to compete for actual cash. Players pour over every detail.

The demands for quality in a competitive environment are outstanding. Your group will simply not succeed without a professional aura.

Personalized Boards

The Draft Kit allow customers to personalize the product to their needs. Printable templates offer a cost-effective means for getting the exact look and feel you want. Just ask the 189 military leagues using our product.

We provide boards for teams of any size. From the 8-team version to 16 or more, there is no shortage of options when using a fantasy kit from our company.

Quality draft kits

We provide quality draft kits for physical leagues. Every board is printed on 60-pound paper. Color-coded labels for every player in the National Football League are available.

Player labels are one of the most important parts of any kit. Every individual comes at a cost. We offer cost and remaining bid money for auctions in addition to personal, regular, and jumbo size standard placards.

There are 472 players in the major spots used by most leagues. We cover every placekicker, tight end, running back, wide receiver, and quarterback.

We also offer trophies, certificates, and the gear you need from the first kick-off during pre-season to the final second of the super bowl. Get your season off right with our extras.

Reusability is more than a nice to have but a necessity for long-running leagues. We provide stands, boards, and detachable labels primed for reuse. With printable information, you can choose how to use our product.

Where can I find draft kits for Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey?

The Draft Kit offers a fantasy kit for every major sport in America. The same heavy construction paper is available for every sport along with our high-quality auction labels.

The Draft Kit provides one of the best customizable boards on the market. Create a professional aura for your draft and track your victories with ease. Visit our website today to find out more about how you can acquire a fantasy draft kit.

If you are looking for an exciting new way to really get the most out of your next fantasy draft kit, please allow The Draft Kit to assist you with all of your fantasy sports needs. We have the experience and the know-how to give your fantasy sports drafts and action-packed, exciting new twist that will keep you involved all year long. We offer you some of the most creative, unique ideas and solutions to take all of your sports fantasy drafts to the next level. With our guidance, you and your friends will make this the most memorable sporting season you have ever known.

At The Draft Kit, we have the newest and freshest ideas for creating your next fantasy sporting draft, such as:

  • An Assorted Variety of Football Fantasy Draft Sizes
  • Individual or Combined AL & NL Baseball Draft Kits
  • Basketball Draft Kits
  • NHL Draft Kits With Auction Format Labels

Whether you are a fan of just one major sport, or you enjoy multiple major sports, The Draft Kit has exactly what you are looking for in your fantasy draft kit. You can feel the excitement of running different fantasy drafts all year long. Although the National Football League is the most popular of our fantasy drafts, we take pride in ensuring that our other sporting drafts are just as elaborate and sophisticated as our NFL drafts are. It is no wonder why we are the number one provider of all fantasy sport drafts.

At The Draft Kit, we ensure your complete, 100% satisfaction by offering you only the highest quality of products and workmanship available anywhere. All of our fantasy draft kits come with our highest standards, with you in mind. We also offer an elaborate selection of accessories and tools not found anywhere else. You can choose different Awards Certificates for football of baseball fantasy sports. We also offer a large selection of trophies for the NFL and MLB fantasy sports.

You can also browse our user-friendly web site to view our other unique accessories to make your draft night even more fun and exciting. We, at The Draft Kit offer a large selection of drink koozies with witty and funny sayings and logos on them. These will be sure to please your draft pick crowd and keep the fun going all evening. We also offer T-shirts and hats in a large selections of colors and sizes for men and women. There is something to make everyone happy when you are shopping for your big sports fan.

This year, make your fantasy draft kit suit all of your needs and desires for simply the best fantasy sports draft of all time. The Draft Kit is available to ensure the most memorable sports seasons ever. Whether you are a football fan, or a fan of multiple major sports, we have the very best products available for the most affordable prices. It is truly our pleasure and our privilege in assisting you this year, and for many more sporting years to come.