Fantasy football is still exploding. Every league needs to stand out. Eye-catching visuals, durability, and craftsmanship lie at the heart of every fantasy football draft kit from The Draft Kit.

Durable Draft Boards

Construction paper and crayons do not hold up to the standards of rugged competition. Every season, players come together and spend $16.8 billion. They expect quality even if they are not playing for a cash prize.

We produce every board to the highest standards. Each product comes on 60-pound paper with a re-usable stand. We aim to please so that league administrators and players obtain the most from every game day and draft.

Our boards last from the first pre-season kickoff to the last second of the Super Bowl. When the season is over place your draft board in storage and prepare for next season.

Where can I find a fantasy football draft kit that I can customize?

The Draft Kit created a customizable product for leagues of any season. We provide for any league, from the eight-team personal size to the sixteen or more team jumbo kit.

Visuals are a powerful medium. Adequately representing every victory and every pick makes our kits useful for seasons to come.

Our board easily accommodates points and team information in an easy to read format. Everyone will be able to view their progress in each round.

Up to date information

Creating labels is one of the biggest problems in the fantasy world. Information changes even during the season. Not every draft kit seeks to accommodate changing information.

The Draft Kit solves this issue with printable labels. A player or administrator simply needs to download the appropriate labels to get off to a good start.

To ensure that you have the most up to date information at the lowest cost, our downloadable labels are available starting in late August at the low price of $10. We want to help players in a jam without breaking the bank.

For those purchasing a draft kit well in advance of the season, we also offer updates. Our update page offers information on deletions, updates, signings, and more. Printable labels are the best option for draft board personalization.

Where can I find a fantasy football draft kit with complete coverage?

Fantasy teams typically require complete coverage for six different positions. These are quarterback, running back, tight end, placekicker, and wide receiver.

We provide a complete set of 472 player labels for each of these positions in the NFL. This allows you to get up to date information even at the last minute without worrying about last minute changes.

The Draft Kit strives to create the most up to date information in a quality and durable package that will make players and administrators happy. A reusable board, up to date labels, information tracking, and complete customizable labels make us a leader in the industry.

If you are looking to start a league and need a draft kit, visit our website today. Make our board the centerpiece of your meetings.

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