Football Mini Helmet Trophy
Football Mini Helmet Trophy

Football Mini Helmet Trophy

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Football Mini Helmet Trophy
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This Football Mini Helmet Trophy is the highest quality replica you can get and it is made by Riddell,
The mini helmet has a plastic face mask, and full interior padding.

The mini helmets come in 2 colors: Silver with a blue face mask, and Gold with a black face mask. Every helmet comes with the logo of your choice on both sides.

There are now 3 choices for your helmet decal design,
Our original Mini Helmet design, Design A which reads either;
"Fantasy Football League Champion" or "Fantasy Football Super Bowl Champion"
in an oval format as pictured with the year of your choice in the middle.

You can also customize this design with your own text in the middle of the oval.
We can only customize the center of the design. The outside that says," Fantasy Football" and "League Champion" or "Super Bowl Champion" can't be changed.
We can add your team name or league name and the year, or we can add your team name or league name with no year for a rotating trophy.
The customized text will be in black.

*Temporarily Unavailable*
Design B - FFL Shield
Our exclusive FFL Shield is now available on our mini helmets.
The shield design only comes in the customized version.
This design will only have the shield and whatever you
write in the customize box. There is no standard text on this design.
If you want it to say Fantasy Football League Champion you must enter it
with your customized text.

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