2024 Jumbo Size Draft Kit For Fantasy Football
Jumbo Draft Kit

2024 Jumbo Size Draft Kit For Fantasy Football

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  • Player Labels: 480 massive 2 x 8 inch pre-printed player labels, color coded by position, and include players team and bye week
  • Draft Board: 4 ft by 12 ft heavy weight 60lb paper draft board that is adjustable to hold up to 14 teams and 20 rounds
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  • Draft Pick Comment Stickers: *NEW* -Included Free - 15 unique comment stickers to use during or after your draft. Use these to have fun with coaches' picks. Stickers include: 1st Round Bust, Trade Bait, Was this your 1st draft?, Great pick 2 years ago, Steal of the draft, Don't drink and draft, Sleeper Pick, Soon to be free agent, Enjoy the toilet bowl, and more
Jumbo Size Draft Kit with 2 x 8 inch labels and a 4 x 12 ft Draft Board
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Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Kit

2024 Football Draft Kits Will Go On Sale June 1st 2024 
This Draft Kit is true to it's name. The Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Kit has the biggest draft board with and biggest 2 x 8 inch pre-printed NFL player labels available. The draft board is 4FT. X 12 FT. and comes in two 4 X 6 foot panels and combined they hold up to 14 teams and 20 rounds.

The 2 x 8 inch NFL player labels (16 square inches) are not just the largest available but have the largest type. Others say they have large labels, but it is not just the size, but the shape that makes the difference. Since names are much longer than they are high, the most important dimension is the length to make the type bigger. Our 8 inch wide labels are 1.5 inches wider than any other label out there! This is not a elephant Draft Kit, it's a Blue Whale Draft Kit!

The NFL player labels include the player's name, position, bye week and team. We don't include goofy things like pictures or logos which only take up space and make the text smaller!

The Jumbo Size draft board is easily adjustable for what ever size your league needs.
Simply overlap panel A over panel B to leave the number of teams you require,
and use the included Draft Board Personalizing Kit to print out your team names and put them on your board!

Included for free in All Jumbo size Draft Kits are our **NEW** exclusive Draft Pick Comment Stickers to use during or after your draft, 
and our Draft Board Personalizing Kit which has labels for your League Name, Team Names which are easy to print out using our online templates.

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