We have received so many compliments about this program that we have finally started to post them.  If you send us your comments, from now on you can see them here.

I just ordered my shop a draft kit for this upcoming season, and I just wanted to say thanks for offering it for free to military.  I will probably recommend to anyone else I know to use your site, and will probably continue buying them as the years go on.  Thanks a lot!
Txxxxx Wxxxxx

Dear "The Draft Kit":
Thanks for supporting our deployed Fantasy Football guys and gals! 8 of our 12 teams are Active or Retired Army and every year I make sure I let our league know what you guys do for those serving away from home.
PS: As a sign of solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters in arms, we'd like to extend a personal invitation to that young, helmet wearing troop on your web site to attend our draft....even if she is a Marine.
Seriously though, Please keep up the great service and hard work!

SFC Sxxxxx Gxxxxx

Dude you guys are AWESOME! As someone who currently is serving, and is holding a draft with a lot of other service members, the work you do for the military is AWESOME! Your product is AWESOME!!!
Keep up the good work!!

Draftkit you guys are the best! Deployed away from family and friends is challenging at times, but you made my month by sending me my Draft Kit! It arrive perfectly, super timely, priority mail and free of charge? thats amazing. This year will prove to be a great draft thanks to you guys. You are a true patriot and supporter of our awesome country and military. Go USA and Go Draft Kit! keep up the good work!

The Draft Kit,
 I wanted to personally thank you for providing this service to us in the military at no cost. We have a 12 person team and I will be mentioning that the kit was provided by "The Draft Kit", free of charge, for their service. It is companies like this and people like you that make serving our country everyday easier. Thank you VERY much, big thumbs up and a patriotic salute to you from the guys at 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron!

Rxxxx Oxxxx, TSgt, USAF
52 EMS / MX Flight
Spangdahlem Air Force Base Germany


Draft Kit,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your support to the military. Your generosity to reduce prices on your products as well you're support to the "Toys for Tots" campaign and multiple volunteer hours is very noble. as  The Draft Kit is an absolute patriot in my eyes and I'm sure I can speak for the rest of my fantasy team when I say thank you and GO STEELERS!!!

Thanks again for the free draft kit and I can't wait to see the trophy in the mail.

Cxxxx Hxxxx TSgt, USAF
ANCOIC, Precision Maintenance
731 MUNS, Camp Darby, Italy
DSN 633-8850

Hey guys,

Last year i was deployed in Germany, away from friends and family but you all made things better. I received a draft kit from you all and had my first live draft ever with some of the guys and gals i was deployed with. You guys are amazing at what you do and you are very thoughtful for sending troops like myself free kits ever year. Please continue to be great at what you do. I have already gotten my draft kit for this year since i am back home, and you will be the only site i promote to all of my friends and family (alot of people were jealous about the live draft and want to have more). Thank you again!!!!

SSgt Jxxx S


Just wanted to say, I have ordered from you all for a number of years...just got my draft kit today...perfect, and on-time as usual. You sent me the kits when I was active duty overseas, now I'm retired (back stateside). Didn't matter where I was, Georgia, Germany, Kansas...etc...it was always there, always on time...and when I was active duty -it was free! I appreciate you all a lot...thanks for looking out for the troops...to you all, it may be a small gesture...but it's HUGE to those that serve...it brings back a little bit of home...and does great things to bring up spirits and morale!

MSG, US Army (retired)=


By the way.... you guys ROCK... the fact that you guys support the troops like this is phenomenal... This is the 3rd year I have done this with you guys and I always try and support your site by purchasing other items... Last year I bought a 200 dollar trophy and it was the hit of the league!!! This year I purchased another trophy and several other leagues I am in are also purchasing trophies from you guys!!!!
So from all the guys over here kicking ass in Afghan... Thank you very much for what you do! Without people like you and your company supporting us, we would not be able to do what we do!!!!!!! 

 8-17-11Good morning,

We are ordering a draft kit from you guys and saw you support the military
which is awesome.  Here is a pic of our group.  Thanks for your support.

Bagram, Afghanistan


Thank you so much for your time, and I really appreciate what you do. This would be my second board I received from you guys, for I ordered a board a few years ago when I was stationed in Germany. Thanks again!

Hi Draft Kit Family,
Last year I ordered one of the free kits and it was AWESOME. Me and my unit had a blast with the live draft and I want to do it again.
I know you guys get a lot of fraud orders, so I wanted to make sure it was ok for me to request a free kit this year? If not, no worries, I will gladly purchase one especially knowing how fun it was last year.

Answer - As long as you are still at a qualifying military address you can still order

I have been ordering your products for a long time now and I finally had the opportunity to take advantage of your free draft boards to APO addresses overseas.  I want to say thank you very much!  Its nice to know that people still appreciate what we all do, as I appreciate the free draft board.  Thank you so much,

TSgt. Kris Cxxxx, USAF

7-29-2010br> Just wanted to say thanks for the free draftkit last year.
I was in Iraq and all the guys thought it was a pretty cool board and I told them all where i got it from so hopefully you picked up a couple more customers. Thanks Again!!!

SPC Gxxxxxx
Delta Company 1-128th INF

Draft kit Guys,
I wanted to post a comment on your website bragging about how awesome of a program the free draft kit for service members is!!! I just received mine today in the mail, and all my guys in the league are so pumped about the draft and your product pushed the excitement over the edge!!!
After surfing more on your website, I am going to purchase a few trophies for the winners! You guys have some great products and I will continue to do business with you guys for years to come.
You guys are awesome, and again thank you very much!!!
Jason Cxxxxxxx08-10-09
WOW! Dude you guys rock. This is by far and away the best thing I have ever come across. Thanks so much for your support Mike!
Thank you so much for the free draft kit that you offer to military personal. I have been ordering draft kits from you the last 5 or 6 years. Now that I'm in Iraq this year I still needed one for our league we are starting here so I of course went right to your website and was surprised to see the free draft kits offer. So I just wanted to say Thanks!!!
Now back to your website to pay for a draft kit for back home. the leagues still go on. Even without they're commish.
Vxx Gxxxxx

I bought a draft kit from you last year, and it was just what i was looking for! I am now in Afghanistan and came directly to your site for my business. I did not know you offered free draft boards while we are deployed, that is awesome! Thank you for helping us out, the guys have been hoping to play fantasy football this year, and you are helping make it possible and free!