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1. Which team will win the coin toss?    A) Kansas City
2. Will it be:   A) Heads
3. Who will receive the opening kickoff?   B) Tampa Bay
4. Will the opening Kickoff be a touch back?   B) No
5. If returned, will the opening kickoff  be brought out past the 25 yard line?  B) No
6. Will there be a penalty on the opening kickoff?  B) No
7. The 1st commercial after kickoff will be for what product?  D) TV or Movie 
8. Will Tom Brady's first attempt be complete?    A) Yes 
9. Will either team score in the first five 1/2 minutes of the game?  B) No
10.  First team to score:    A) Kansas City 
11. What will happen first?    A) Kansas City Punt
12. The player who scores first (TD, FG, Safety), will have an odd Jersey number  A) Yes
             (if reception, combine QB and WR or RB)                 
13. Will the Buccaneers ever have the lead?   A) Yes  
14. First Punt?    B) Tampa Bay 
15. First defense to get a QB Sack?    A) Kansas City
16. Which team will have the first enforced penalty? B) Tampa Bay
17. Which team will call the first time out?    B) Tampa Bay
18. Which will be the first team to use a Coaches Challenge? B) Tampa Bay 
19. Will there be a call overturned by Instant Replay or Coach's Challenge in the 1st half?   B) No
20. Will Mahomes throw a TD pass in the 2nd quarter?  B) No

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21. Will Andy Reid challenge a play in the first half?   B) No
22. Will Leonard Fournette have a first half reception?    A) YES
23. Will Mahomes throw a first half interception?   B) No
24. Will someone score in the final 2 minutes of the first half?      A) Yes
25. Team to score last in the first half:  B) Tampa Bay
26. Will the first half’s last score be a FG or TD?   B) TD


27. Will there be a pass thrown by any player other than a QB?   B) No
28. Will there be a fake punt, FG, or successful on-sides kick?  B) No
29. Will either team lose a helmet?  B) No
30. Will either team lose a fumble in the 3rd quarter?   B) No
31. Which QB will throw the first interception?      A) Mahomes
32. Will Brady throw an interception in the game?   B) No
33. Will Mahomes 's longest TD pass be longer than 43 yards  A) Yes     B) No **NO TD's
34. Will Mahomes rush for over 20 yards?   A) Yes 
35. Will either QB score a rushing TD?  B) No    
36. Who will have the most rushing yards ?   B) Leonard Fournette
37. Who will have the most receiving yards ?   A) Le’Veon Bell   B) Ronald Jones II  ** Neither had a reception
38. Will any RB rush for OVER 100 yards?    B) No    
WRs / TEs:
39.  Who will have the most receiving yards?     A) Tyreek Hill 
40.  Who will have the most receiving yards?   A) Travis Kelce 
41.  Will any WR or TE have 8 catches or more?   A) Yes  
42.  Who will make the longest field goal?   A) Kansas City   B) Tampa Bay **Neither - Both made 52 yd FG
43.  Longest Field Goal being 43 ½ yards?   A) Over
44.  Will BOTH teams make field goals of 35 yards or longer?   A) Yes   
45.  Will EITHER team miss a Extra Point? B) No
46.  Most QB sacks by the defense B) Tampa Bay
47.  Will a defensive or special teams player score a TD?   B) No
48.  Will there be a penality of more than 25 yards?   A) Yes
49.  Will there be a Offensive Pass Interference?   B) No
50.  Will there be a Booth Initiated Review of a non-scoring or change of possession play? 
        B) No
51.  Will there be a Player or Coach ejected?  B) No

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52.  Longest offensive touchdown being 48 1/2 yards    B) Under
53.  How many different Chiefs will score a rushing or receiving TD    A) 3 or less
54.  How many different Buccaneers will score a rushing or receiving TD   A) 3 or less 
55. Will any of the following Chiefs players score a touchdown: 
A. Le’Veon Bell      No
B. Clyde Edwards-Helaire  No
C. Travis Kelce      No
D. Tyreek Hill        No
E. Sammy Watkins     No
F. Mecole Hardman     No
G. Byron Pringle      No
H. Darrel Williams     No

56. Will any of the following Buccaneers players score a touchdown:    
A. Leonard Fournette          Yes
B. Ronald Jones II      No
C. Mike Evans        No
D. Chris Godwin    No
E. Scott Miller      No
F. Rob Gronkowski         Yes
G. Cameron Brate        No
57. Will either team score three unanswered times (P.A.T. or 2pt conversion is not a score)?    
    B) No
58. Will there be a successful  2 point conversion?    B) No
59. Will there be a Safety? B) No
60. Will either team score in the final three minutes of the game?   B) No
61. Last Team to Score:   B) Tampa Bay
62. Will either team ever hold a lead of more than 10 points?        A) Yes
63. Will the Chiefs score in all 4 quarters?     B) No
64. Total points scored by Chiefs  - 30.5    B) Under
65. Total Points scored by Buccaneers - 30.5        A) Over  
66. Who will have more:    B) Rob Gronkowski’s  receiving yards
67. Who will win the game  B) Tampa Bay
68. Which half will have the most points scored?       A) 1st Half  

Tie Breaker:       40                   Total points scored combined                                

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