Small Lombardi Football Trophy
Small Lombardi Football Trophy

Small Lombardi Football Trophy

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  • Trophy Size: 9 - 12" Tall
  • Trophy Plate: Includes trophy plate with your custom information
Small Lombardi Football Trophy
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**This is a replacement item because the original version has been discontinued by the manufacturer due to NFL copyright issues.
The only difference is that the back is a "T" bar rather than solid and it is slightly taller. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS 
This Small Lombardi Trophy Look-a-Like comes in 2 versions, either stand alone or on a plastic base.
The stand alone version is 9" tall and when mounted on the base, it stands 12" tall.
These are premium replicas with a full body all around, not just a front and hollow back.
The pictures above show these trophies in front of a regulation size football for size comparison.
The stand alone version comes with a triangular plate on the front, and the version with the base will have the trophy plate on the base and includes room for a "Hall of Champions" plate listing all of your leagues previous winners. (The Hall of Champions Plate will only fit on the version with the base, as the sides of this trophy are concave and not flat to hold a plate)
The extra Hall of Champions side plate cost $10.
We will hold your information on file so you can reorder an updated plate each year for the same $10.

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