Top 10 Reasons I love Fantasy Football T-Shirt

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  • Material: Gildan Ultra 100% Cotton pre-shrunk t-shirt
  • Colors: Heather Grey or Heather Blue
Top 10 Reasons I love Fantasy Football T-Shirt
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Top 10 Reasons I love Fantasy Football T-Shirt.
This multi color design is printed on a Gildan Ultra Cotton pre-shrunk
t-shirt and comes in either a gray heather or a blue heather.
The design reads:
The design reads:
1. Watching 10 games at a time is good for your eyes.
2. You can't drink beer while your playing real football.
3. The only injury risk is to my remote control finger.
4. Spending time on the internet is educationally and culturally stimulating.
5. Where else can I bench a 225 pound running back.
6. Beer, pizza, wings and nachos cover all the food groups.
7. Unlike coaching Pop Warner, the players don't cry or talk back.
8. I get out of spending Sundays with my mother-in-law.
9. My doctor says playing fantasy football qualifies as exercise.
10. If my player gets arrested, I don't have to worry about his legal issues.

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