Company Safety Procedures

Safety of our employees and our customers is our top priority.  All of our employees are routinely temperature scanned and wear face masks and gloves while in the workplace. We have had zero cases of Covid-19 to date.

Covid-19 Related Return Policy

As this is a constantly changing situation, we will be adjusting our final Covid-19 Return / Credit Polices when we have complete information. We will default to our standard return policy below as a minimum but we will most likely be offer 2-3 other options.

In the event that the season is cancelled and never starts we will honor our normal "Return" policy, but we will be waiving the restocking fee, and adjusting the "Return By" date. If you if you choose to return your item, we will offer you a choice of a credit for future use, or a refund . In accordance with our refund policy, we can't refund shipping fees, or accept back used or damaged items. Items with free shipping, still have non-refundable shipping fees that we paid to get your item delivered.

If the season go forward as normal, we will default to our standard return policy