Super Bowl Proposition Game Download
Super Bowl Proposition Game Download

Super Bowl Proposition Game Download

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**1-29-2024 - The 2024 Super Bowl Props Games is Ready Now!**
The game will be available the Tuesday following the AFC & NFC Championship Games

For the past 29 years our Super Bowl Propositions game has been the hit of our party. This year's version includes 71 questions & 85 answers about what will happen during the game.
Have each guest fill out and print the question sheet either here online, email to your guests, or print out multiple copies, and let them fill it out at your party before the game.

The great thing about this game is that anyone can play regardless of their knowledge of football or even who is playing. We have found that the winner is usually not the biggest or most knowledgeable fan, but this game allows everyone to stay interested in the game as they try to get the answers and count up their score. Half of the fun of the game is getting the answers and keeping score.
To help out we will be posting an answer key that will be update throughout the game and finalized shortly after the game ends.
The answer key it will be posted as a regular web page so it may be viewed from any device that can access the internet.
You can play for fun or prizes depending on your crowd, some prize suggestions are:
  • A football jersey, hat or other team item
  • A gift certificate to a local restaurant
  • Collect money for each entry and award the winners
    • 1st place - 65%
    • 2nd Place - 25%
    • 3rdPlace - 10%
You will need Adobe Acrobat reader version 7.0 or higher to open the game file.

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